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X-Men: Schism #2

Posted: Friday, August 5, 2011
By: Robert Tacopina

Jason Aaron
Frank Cho, Jason Keith (c), Jared K. Fletcher (l)
Marvel's big bid into dividing the X-Men continues in Schism #2. Courtesy of writer Jason Aaron, we get the second installment of the five-part Schism event, which promises to radically change the X-Men by dividing them into factions -- one set to follow Cyclops and the other will follow Wolverine. Yet, two issues in, we have yet to learn what will cause this big split. We've seen possible hints in the form of Quentin Quire and Kade Kilgore, but nothing absolute.

However, what we do know is that Quire, under the influence of billionaire child Kade Kilgore, has been set free from his detainment and has wrecked havoc in the form of the proverbial mind-screw on society. To make matters more complicated humanity responds by dusting off the old Sentinels out of storage and plans to sic them on the mutant population.

In Issue Two, the further development of this debacle rears its ugly head in various venues. First, the strife between Scott & Logan continues to grow as something has clearly been troubling Wolverine. The problem is that we have no definitive reason as to what and Logan doesn't seem to be willing to just outright tell Scott. When Quire arrives at Utopia requesting sanctuary the two X-Leaders are at odds, with Logan wanting to turn him over to Steve Rogers and Cyclops insisting that he be tried amongst his peers on the island however.

Young snob Kade Kilgore and the new Hellfire Club are engaging in Step Two of the child's plan, which is impressively diabolical. This kid does seem to be much more than he appears though. Is he just oozing brilliance the likes of Reed Richards or Hank Pym, or are there other factors involved? Regardless, he seems to be a few steps ahead of the pack as far as envisioning what will unfold. He also has his clique of children who act as his commanders, which he sends out to bargain for goods with some aliens. Some pretty whacked out shit goes down culminating in Kade's Kids brutally slaughtering the aliens in vicious fashion.

As much as I hate to admit it, I actually am really digging Kilgore. He is an arrogant and cocky puke but it makes him all the more endearing, the smug little bastard. He even foresees the mayor moving the opening date of the Mutant Rights Museum up in the hopes of lightening the anti-mutant sentiment that has been brewing since issue one of the series. Cyke sends out some big guns and Kade unleashes the new Hellfire Club and the promise of a fantastic battle sets the stage for next issue.

With two issues on the market now, Schism seems to be hitting the right notes. There are still a few uncertainties to be addressed but overall Jason Aaron has a firm setting and direction. The Frank Cho art was well done as always. Each issues features different artists and hopefully that won't negatively affect the story as a whole when completed from a reading standpoint. So far though Schism is living up to its hype and providing an engaging and thought-provoking X-Men tale.

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