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Screamland #3

Posted: Saturday, August 6, 2011
By: Robert Tacopina

Harold Sipe, Christopher Sebela
Lee Leslie, Kyle Strahm, Aaron Gillespie, Buster Moody (c)
What a fucking riot! Screamland is just a chock full of fun, easygoing comic storytelling. The creative team really has come up with such a novel approach to their story and it is quite refreshing.

Centering the series are a zany bunch of screwball characters derived from the good old horror tales of days gone by but with a definite dysfunction about them. They truly are memorable as well from the evilly delicious alien with world conquest on his mind, The Mass to the drunkard idiotic wolf-man Carl London. The characters are layered with quirky personalities and humor either found on the surface or with a little thought. For instance, is Carl London named for the legendary Warren Zevon song "Werewolves of London?"

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Issue #3 is just how well played the story is. Sure, it's goofy and zany, but it's also a solid and attractive little whodunit. The main characters of Carl and human cohort Travis are bound to not only find the Izzy the Invisible Man's killer but are also on the hunt for the porn flick, Phantasmagorgya -- which everyone wants to find and destroy due to its potentially damaging nature.

Writer Harold Sipe and Christopher Sebela (who also pulls double duty as the letterer) have invented a comic apt to appeal to a vast majority of comic readers if given the chance. It is the kind of book that you pick up and read for the fun of it without having to worry about the petty trivial bullshit that is commonplace in comics. The Lee Leslie art is a total fit in Screamland. It is cartoony and lends itself fantastically to the tone of the title.

Screamland #3 was a total blast! It was welcoming to read a title that doesn't take itself so seriously and just tell a damn engrossing story with a bunch of loveable dumbasses for characters. If vampire whores, gelatinous evil aliens with visions of grandeur and a born-again serial killer doesn't make you want to run out and pick this up you are just dead inside. Screamland is a cleverly conceived and written piece of comic book dysfunction!

Robert Tacopina is just your typical average everyday comic book fan. Robert is equally fascinated by both the print and digital formats and loves a multitude of titles. He spends his time waiting for next Wednesday by video gaming, reading, watching movies, following his sports teams, and desperately trying to spread the comics word. Proud to let his geek flag fly.

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