Every week I get loads of emails and letters. Some about my current work, Cobb: Off The Leash, Busted Knuckles, My Dottin’ The Eyes column in The Comics Buyer’s Guide, as well as just folks touching base.

Out of the hundreds of emails I get there is always a few readers that write in to me about some of my past work. Most of it’s about some of my more high profile work like Guy Gardner Warrior, Wynonna Earp, or some of the stuff I did on Spawn, but sometimes there are folks that haul back memories of some of my more obscure work. I get a thrill out of all of em’ but those hard to find and remembered ones are the issues I really get a kick out of. To be honest, after 20 years, even I forget some of em’ until they are brought up in an email or someone wants one signed.

When they come up I almost always end up digging through my files to reread and remember the work. Nine times out of 10 there are some wonderful memories and friendships attached.

So I went digging through some files and boxes and came up with some of my work that you may not remember or even heard of. Some of it is worth checking out. Some of em’ are best forgotten.

So I thought I’d share a few of em’ with you and see what memories we can stir up.

Good Girl Art Quarterly #12
From AC Comics 1993. “Mudloww Needs Women” Story by Beau. Art By Brad Gorby and Mark Heike.

This was a fun comedy story that I did with my Parts Unknown co-creator and artist, Brad Gorby. This was a Buckaroo Betty story. She is a character that is obviously based on the looks of famous pin-up girl Bettie Page. This story was an unpublished story idea for Parts Unknown. A humorous one that we just didn’t have a space or a place for. Brad suggested that we change a few things and make it a Buckaroo Betty story. That was pretty easy to do so we did. Betty was a true cowgirl character that some how got put in our present time and joined up with the rest of AC Comic’s FemForce. Seems that She-Cat took pleasure in always making fun of Betty’s very moral and code of the west ways. In this story she gets Betty in a sexy cowgirl outfit and then this horny goofball alien see her and falls in lust and then there are a bunch of neighborhood brats that? and an ice cream selling clown named Slushie? and? well? mayhem is the result. It was a fun story that gave me a chance to have some goofball fun and Brad another showcase to prove why he is right up there with Frank Cho and others when it comes to drawing shapely women. Very low print run and hard to find.

The Berzerkers #1 – #3
Image Comics 1995 Story By Beau. Art By Dan Fraga and Marlo Alquiza.

Rob Liefeld created these characters and I was hired to put flesh on em’. Fraga’s art on this series was very 1990s Extreme Studio style. Much different from what his work is today ten years later. This story was really pretty brutal. It was about a rag tag, close knit team of former soldiers and mercenaries that had to get from point A to Point B and live without getting killed by bad guys, space pirates, giant sand worms and more oddballs than you can shake a ray gun at. The members of this team were: Cross, the team leader and a kind of savage Captain America; Hatchet, a warrior woman with a very murky past and a real mean streak (think of Wonder Woman and Xena in one body); Wildmane, let’s face it, he was Rob’s Wolverine character; Psi-Storm, who was? well? Rob’s Jean Grey character; and Greylore, a hulking semi-mute religious leader that was a cross between the Hulk and Shepherd from Firefly. To me, he was the most interesting character of all of them. The story is very mean, brutal and violent. It was my Rat Patrol and western rolled into one. My main goal was to show loyalty between soldiers in war. I wasn’t real happy with it when I was doing it, but ten years later it reads better than I remembered. This book was a pretty good sales hit back in the day. It was a Diamond Gem of the month as well as the cover to Diamond Previews.

Showcase 1996 #11
DC Comics 1996. “The Scarred Path To Justice” Starring Wildcat. Story by Beau with art by Gary Kwapisz , Keith Champagne and Chip Wallace.

DC wanted me to tell the origin of Wildcat/Ted Grant, so that’s what I did. I based it on the original version by Irwin Hasen and Bill Finger with a few modern slants. It’s pretty straight forward, but a real hidden gem for Wildcat fans.

Green Lantern 80 Page Giant #1
DC Comics 1998. “Law Of The Jungle” Starring Guy Gardner. Story by Beau and art by Mitch Byrd and Dan Davis.

This is one of the most fun Guy Gardner stories I have ever written. This came out after the end of the Guy Gardner Warrior series. Editor Kevin Dooley wanted me to do a Guy story from the past when he was still a ring slinger. I got reunited with my original GGW team of Mitch Byrd and Dan Davis and we had a ball. Guy is called to help out the jungle planet of Hogarth that has been raided by The Motarians (a group of nasty space bandits that I created in a Legion Of Super Heroes story I did? More on that in a minute.) The thing is, Guy was so gung ho to kick some alien butt that he forgot to recharge his ring. He gets to Hogarth and his ring runs out. He then has to get all “Tarzan” and fight these guys hand to hand. The people of the planet wonder why the Guardians would send such a low ranking Green Lantern to save them. They are always mentioning Hal Jordan through out the story and that pisses Guy off even more. The story has loads of action, humor and snide remarks on the whole Green Lantern set up. Mitch Byrd’s art was never better. The end of the story has Guy, John Stewart, and Alan Scott all sitting in Warrior’s Bar drinking and telling these GLC war Stories. I highly recommend you find this story. It is one of my most treasured Guy moments and I really think any fan of Guy Gardner and Green Lantern will enjoy it. After reading it I kinda wonder if Joss Whedon might have been inspired by it when he did the Firefly episode called “JayneTown.”

Showcase 1995 #6
DC Comics “The Alienation of Unification”. Legion Of Super Heroes. Story by Beau. Art by Mike Huddleston and Jim Mahfood.

If you ever wanted a manly Legion Of Super Heroes story then this is the one for you. Just the shock of me doing a Legion Of Super Heroes book should be enough to make you wanna read this one. I still wonder to this day how I got this job. Somebody musta backed out on DC to land me this work. Like Doctor Strange or Star Trek, Beau Smith is not the name you think of first. BUT? it happened and I had fun. It was my chance to put my mark on the LSH and get away with stuff. One of my favorite things is to write strong women characters. In this case I chose Andromeda. I loved her background and her powers. In this I had her and Apparition taking three possible Legion draftees, Brawler, Tomb and Cannus (yeah, my creations) to the Legion Academy on the planet Warnerbros. Andromeda hates the job and the rookies. The rookies hate her and each other. They are attacked by a vessel full of Motarians, the space bandits (I told you they’d be back.) and it’s up to Andromeda and Aparition to see if they can outfight these nasty space pirates with a crew of rookies. The ticking clock in the story is to see who kills who? meaning the good guys killing each other or the bad guys. As always there is humor, loads of action and dialogue that should’ve got me more Legion work. This obscure story is another personal favorite of mine.

Star Wars Tales #7
Dark Horse Comics 2000, “Outbid, But Never Ougunned” Starring Boba Fett. Story By Beau Art By Mike Deodato & Neil Nelson

Star Wars: another subject that my name doesn’t come up first on. When I did this story I have to admit, I had only seen two of the Star Wars movies and only once each. But, you say bounty hunter and I am there. Boba Fett is a character that fits right into my line of work. With this story I think I made my mark. The wonderful art of Mike Deodato really brought the characters. In this story, I do a slant on Ebay. There is a planet called Bidamount where the HUGE corporation Eport is. Here you can and must bid on everything you need and want. There is an item that has been stolen from the female bounty hunter Sintas (Boba Fett’s former lover) that she is tracking down before it can go up for bid. Boba Fett wants to make sure it is never bought as well for it holds a HUGE secret to his past. The story is filled with stuff that all die-hard Star Wars Fans will like and even if you aren’t a big fan of Star Wars you’ll be able to step right in and enjoy this story without having to know everything that has come before. This is a true space western. That’s the way I looked at it back then. This is another one of my personal favorites that I am very proud of. My editor on this story told me that the folks at Lucasfilms loved it and were very pleased with the backstory that I added for Boba Fett. I took that as a big compliment.

Guy Gardner Warror Annual #2
DC Comics 1996. “Dateless In A One Gender Town” Starring The Gardner Gals. Story By Beau with art by Rick Mays.

This annual is filled with lots of Guy Gardner stories by me as well as a truckload of other talented folks. The story I’m most proud of in here is an all female story that I did with Rick Mays. It is in the future and about three Guy’s great-great-great grand daughters, Manzo, Crocker and Buxton. Three Gardner gals you don’t wanna get on the bad side of. It seems that a family artifact has been stolen by Lizzie Jordan (Yep, from the Hal Jordan family tree. Remember, back in 1996, Hal was a bad guy) and she is out to sell it or just hang it on her trophy wall. The Gardner Gals ride into the town of Prozack on an all female planet to get it back. This is another space western type of story that I had a lot of fun with. There are all kinds or in references to the Green Lantern legacy as well as action and fun dialogue. Rick Mays is noted for doing wonderful women and he comes up aces all the way around here. That was the reason I made this an all female story. This story has a wonderful bar room brawl that I think you will enjoy. Two questions come out of this and the other comics I mention here? why aren’t there more humor in DC Comic books and why aren’t I writing a Firefly comic book?

Dark Horse Presents #136
Dark Horse 1998. “Spirit Of The BadLander” Created and written by Beau with art by Sergio Cariello.

A flat out gothic western. If you enjoyed Clint Eastwood in The High Plains Drifter, then this story is for you. It is a brutal western of revenge with a touch of the supernatural. Beautiful art by Sergio here that will have your eyes scanning each panel over and over. This is another low print run obscure story that not many have seen. Well worth digging in a box for.

Young Justice 80 Page Giant #1
DC Comics 1999. “The Totally O.K. Corral.” Story by Beau with art by Sergio Cariello and Keith Champagne.

This one was done as it was supposed to be? FUN. The members of Young Justice are thrown into a western world where they are The Earps and must fight the Clantons at the O.K. Corral. They also find themselves talking in the worst clichéd cowboy talk ever to hit the printed page. This is a comedy and is supposed to be. I hope you enjoy it.

Ronna: Beauty, Brains and Bullets #1
Knight Press. 1997. Story by Beau and Ronna Coulter with art by Richard Pollard, Chris Ready, Bobby Hickey and Bill Nichols.

Do you really need any more reason to buy this other than the cover? If so, it is a book that I co-created with and based on Ronna Coulter, former Los Angeles Rams cheerleader and swimsuit model. Ronna was also one of the models for my Sci-Fi B-Movie comic book, Parts Unkinown. She was the model for series Damsel-In-Distress, Sarah Lark. Ronna: Beauty, Brains and Bullets is a female James Bond kinda book that is light hearted and just plain fun. It was Danger Girl before Danger Girl? and without the wonderful art of J. Scott Campbell. There is humor, action and all kinds of photos of Ronna being beautiful. Like I said, do ya need a better reason?

Those were just a few of the obscure stories and books from the Beau Smith Vault of Manly Stuff. I hope you run into one of em’ next time you’re digging through the Four For A Dollar box at a convention or at your local comic book store. Always remember, there’s enough Beau to go around. Lemme know if you remember more.

Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week

Former Los Angeles Rams Cheerleader, swimsuit model, and comic book creator.

Since I hauled out Ronna’s comic book that we did together I thought it would be most fitting for her to be this week’s Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week. She’s blonde, beautiful and a Beau favorite. For a few years she was on the sidelines cheering on the Rams in the NFL, she has graced many a swimsuit calendar and sports magazines as well as had her own comic book and as I mentioned before, was the Sarah Lark character model in my book, Parts Unknown. She was also the distribution manager for Image Comics back when I worked there. How lucky can one guy be?

Busted Knuckles Manly Cover Of The Week

Wings #87 & #93
Fiction House

Last week I told you that you could always depend on Wings Comics to provide you with a manly cover. Well, this week I am gonna drive that home again. The cover of Wings #93 goes to show you that with a babe in a tight dress, high heels with a Thompson machine gun you can scare the camel crap right out of terrorists. Maybe this is what the war on terror needs more of. Issue #87 of Wings also goes to show what the well-dressed woman should be wearing as she blasts bad guys out of the sky.

Roundup Time

That about does it for this week’s train ride into testosterone. I hope you enjoyed your ride and punched somebody’s ticket. Make sure you come back next week when we’ll talk more about comics and manly things that need discussed. I will leave you with a page of advance artwork from Cobb: Off The Leash #3 by Eduardo Barreto. Please make sure you tell your local retailer to stock it.

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