We decided to try some different things this year with our coverage of SDCC. Rather than join our brethren in questionably leery spotlights of cosplay, we opted instead for a look at people who were impeccably dressed. The press often loses sight of the variety of people who attend SDCC, focusing on celebrities and scantily clad booth babes more often than common folk and we didn’t want to join the choir. We’re hoping you enjoy this feature as much as we did putting it together and with a little luck, this could become a tradition.

Name: Jacq
Home town: Seattle, WA

Fantagraphics’ press guru Jacq Cohen was our first victim volunteer and had a consistently exciting look every time we dropped by the Fantagraphics booth. Jacq told us that she has an obsession with stewardess dresses from the ’60s, which she buys off of ebay whenever she can. Jacq is seen here showing off Johnny Ryan’s most recent Prison Pit collection, which you can buy here.

Names: Mayra and Abraham
Home town: ?

Mayra and Abraham had quite a few exotic accessories on display as they had just recently returned from a trip to Mexico. Mayra was wearing a pair of Mexican folk earrings and a necklace from there as well. Her cardigan is from United Colors of Benetton and her shirt is Urban Outfitters. Abraham is wearing an Armani Exchange jacket, a Calvin Klein shirt and Ray Bans. 

Name: Rocco
Home town: Los Angeles, CA

Rocco was pretty hard to miss on the floor. Fully decked out in a sharp suit and tie that he saved from Goodwill and a Meyer’s hat he recently picked up in New Orleans, Rocco also revealed that his shirt was specially tailored for him in Taiwan.

Name: Dez
Home town: London, UK

Over at the Slave Labor Graphics booth, Dez Taylor took a break from signing his new book The Vesha Valentine to pose for us. Rocking an industrial grey ensemble featuring H&M vest and jeans, a Primark shirt and messenger bag, Barratts shoes and a hat he picked up on Carnaby Street, Dez favored the subtle over the flashy. 

Name: Julia
Home town: Mountain View, CA

Quite a bit of Julia’s outfit came from her family in Italy, including her shirt, shoes and watch. Her skirt is by H&M and the leggings are Nordstrom, but the rest of her jewelry she made herself. 

Name: Tara
Home town: Austin, TX

Tara was at SDCC supporting her artist boyfriend but she took a moment to tell us about her outfit. Tara picked up her sweat/dress combo at Ross and her tights from Target while the rest of her outfit came from more eccentric Austin locales. The shoes she found at Charming Charlie’s while the earrings came from Charlotte Ruth’s. You can’t tell but Tara was also wearing a brass knuckle ring she acquired from a spa in Austin and her other ring was made by her parents.

Name: Josh
Home town: Los Angeles, CA

We ran into Josh near Artist’s Alley, where he took a break to give us the details on his self-described ’40s influenced style. Josh’s vest and pants are part of a three piece suit he picked up from J. Crew while his vintage tie is an ebay acquisition. The shirt is Express while his sneakers are Saucony and the sunglasses are, of course, Ray Bans. 

Name: Sirra
Home town: Portland, OR

Over by the Dark Horse booth we spoke to Sirra, an editor for the company. Sirra’s jacket is from the Free People boutique in Portland while her shirt is J. Crew and the jeans are Nudie. Her leather boots are by Vialis.

Name: Danny
Home town: San Diego, CA

Our own Danny Djeljosevic rounds out the list, seen here robbing a stroller. Danny’s hat is by Vans and his shoes are Converse but the rest of his outfit was made for him by his own personal sewing servant Rafael Gaitan. True story.

If you saw any other fashionable folks at SDCC, drop us a line!

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