If you've somehow been sleeping under a rock, it's true: Iron Man 3 is coming out next  year. Yes, Robert Downey Jr and Don Cheadle will be back as Tony and Rhodey, respectively, while Shane Black, best known as the director of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, will be taking over the Director's reigns for this much-awaited sequel.

Comics Bulletin's Publisher, Jason Sacks, attended the IM3 Press Conference and shares some highlights of the event.

IM3 isn't aiming for bigger action as much as fresh and different action under new director Shane Black. "It's all about capturing and redoubling the intensity," says Black, "capturing that lightning-in-a-bottle feel of stuffing so much into a limited face. Robert refers to it as 'leaving it all on the field.'"

Don't believe the rumors about Iron Patriot. It was on the screen and on the Internet, but you can't believe everything you read on the Internet!

The threat in this movie will be intense and serious. In a post-Avengers world, a big concern is finding a threat large enough for Tony to rise up to arms about. It's all about leading up to conclusion of the full Iron Man trilogy, while also keeping everything fresh and new.

The new movie centers around Tony in particular — Tony, Rhodey, Pepper and such. It's not an Avengers movie as much as a Tony movie. Don't expect SHIELD or Thor in this one, folks. It will have some real depth to it – not quite a character study but still more serious than the second film. Tony's dark side will come to the fore more in this film. 

Downey says "This movie has a bit of darkness to it. What would it be like if Tony was in this country, and where would he go if he was in this country?" But Tony will definitely not fall off the wagon in this film. And there will be some romance – espionage, Top Gun-type thrills and real romance. Tony comes home to Pepper, but Rhodes is single. Poor Rhodey!

Don Cheadle does suit up as Rhodey in this film. We'll see War Machine appear again. Aspects of the film are set in China, but the first unit won't be filming in the movie. Iron Man 3 is the beginning of the next phase of Marvel movies, so this self-contained story sets the pace for the style and themes for the future movies.

We can look forward to some very unique and interesting plot points that don't fall into the typical mode. They take risks with this movie and it will be different and exciting.

And when asked by a young kid how it feels to be a hero, Downey summed up the life of a Marvel hero with a perfect conclusion for the conference: "It is an odd thing. I take it as seriously as Shakespeare."



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