In ten years, there are gonna be some unhappy Marvel and DC comic book readers. They’re gonna complain that comic books aren’t as good as they used to be. They’re not gonna like the way the stories are being told. They’re not gonna like what’s being done with their favorite characters and I’m pretty sure they’re not gonna like that some comic books are late.

They’re gonna wonder why their favorite creators aren’t getting work anymore. They’re gonna throw stones at the editors-in-chief/publishers because they don’t like the way they’re steering the company.

They’re gonna reminisce endlessly about how great Marvel’s Civil War and DC’s 52
It’ll happen, I promise you. How do I know this? Because it happens every ten years. It started about 1970 and has done it every decade since. Granted, every now and then you’re gonna have a blind pig that finds the acorn and realizes that yeah, ten years ago the Spider-Man clone thing was a bad idea. It happens.

The ten year cycle that I’m referring to is almost a given. It’s the natural change of time. It happens with film, TV, cars, clothing, music and yes, comic books. It started happening in comics around 1970 because the first wave of comic book fans turned comic book professionals had begun.

Before the internet message boards it was something that was talked about between friends at the comic shop once a week or at a convention. Now it’s talked about 24/7/365. With technology advancing so fast can you imagine how much it’ll all be in our face in ten years? Kinda scary if you ask me.(But you didn’t because it’s my column and I get away with all kinds of crap here.)

I’m not saying that it’s wrong to complain. Nope. If you’re paying and average of $3.00 for a comic book you have every right to say how you feel. I just find it interesting that now we can almost break it down to a ten-year cycle. It’s true that I didn’t use a lot of math and science to come up with this, but after being in marketing and writing comics for twenty years I can make a pretty good estimate of it.

It’s not meant to be shocking or surprising, it’s just interesting. It’s like with a running back in the NFL, they have an average career of 3.5 years. In comics, careers, trends, and fads seem to be on a ten-year cycle. Ten years ago the art and artist were all that mattered. Today it’s the writer that sits on the top. I’m betting the colorists are chomping at the bit for ten years to pass so they can have their time on the top of the pile.

In reality I think that in ten years the industry of comic books are going experience a change so huge we can’t even comprehend it yet. I think technology is going to be the reason. I just know that if I were really smart, (and I’m not so no need to remind me) I’d be investing in something right now that would make me rich and the king of comics in ten years. I really believe we are right on edge of something happening. Something really big. I know the pieces are there, but I just haven’t figured it out how to put them together? yet.

Some of you out there reading this right now may be the person that will be ruling the comic book world in ten years. You may be in high school, college or delivering pizzas right now, but in ten years you may be “the one”. Hell, for that matter in ten years, I may be “the one”. Y’all better start sucking up to me now. I’ll be looking for a lot of boot licking lackeys, thralls, minions and henchmen for my day as king. Then again in ten years I may just be?ten years older.

A lot can happen in ten years?and usually does.

Busted Knuckles Manly Cover Of The Week

Thrilling Comics #40

Did you know there was another Doctor Strange before the one you know so well from Marvel Comics? Back in the 1940s Nedor Publishing had their own hero with the last name Strange. He was Doc Strange, a two fisted, machine-gunnin’ hero that was never afraid to take a risk when it came to saving the world.

As you can see by the cover of Thrilling Comics #40, Doc Strange didn’t need any finger waving hocus pocus to put the stomp on the bad guys. Just give him a big-ass machine gun and let him write his name in bad guy blood. No fancy costume or mask for Doc Strange. He didn’t care who knew his identity as long as they knew his name.

Most all of the Nedor comics had wonderful politically incorrect covers by today’s sissy standards. If you get the chance, take the time to surf the web and look some up.

Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week

Johanna Rae
– actress / model

You may not have heard of Johanna Rae just yet, but you will. She’s one of the upcoming actresses that Hollywood is starting to pay some serious attention to. She’s smart, athletic, very attractive and the best part she’s a really nice person. I know that may sound corny in these ultra modern hip times, but in my book it still carries a lot of weight.

Make sure you keep your eyes out for more on Johanna in the months to come. Remember that it was your amigo, Beau that told you about her first.

The Roundup

It seems that summer is trying it’s best to kick our ass with some end of season heat. I know that August was filled with lots of blinding heat and sticky humidity here, I hope you got away with some cooler weather where you’re at.

I’m in the midst of trying to keep a case of poison ivy on my arm from spreading to more important parts of my body. I was out pruning trees and tearing out weeds and this was my reward. That’ll teach me to act like Ned Flanders.

Deadlines have been hard and heavy here at the ranch. That hasn’t left me with a lot of time for other stuff. Coming up soon here at Busted Knuckles I’ll have the manly word on a couple of DVDs that you should be watching as well as some books you should be reading. So come on back and get the word.

There might be some other big announcements that I’ll be making as well.

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