This will be the last Ambidextrous of the year.

Editors supreme Craig Johnson and Jason Brice are allowing me to take a little sabbatical, to handle some personal business, that’ll prevent me from giving the column the attention and passion it deserves. Nothing life-threatening, though potentially life-altering, that should permit this platform to remain viable longer than even I imagined it would be, when things kicked off some five years ago. Thanks to all the kind and supportive folks that helped make it what it was, and what it’s going to turn into.

The saga continues in January, with a fresh coat of shiny paint, and a brand new pic and logo along with it, because I’m fairly sure both are remnants from my now distant college years. Renaming the column all together is even a possibility, but that’ll be something to consider in the coming weeks. In the more immediate future, I’ve still got a couple interviews in the pipeline, and might get the itch to review a few things here and there. Specially since we’ll be swimming in Grant Morrison books the next couple weeks, including the long-awaited conclusion of the incredibly ambitious Seven Soldiers, which based on the short art preview recently dropped on Newsarama, is also incredibly pretty.

Know I’m late as hell, but I also finished reading Promethea, from start to finish, and it’s just as amazing as everyone suggests. Two unbelievable storytellers at the absolute top of their game, and the kind of work that almost demands the oversized hardcover treatment from DC. Bookshelf is crowded, but I’d find some space on it for this one. If you haven’t read it, please do so at your earliest convenience. The rare project that not only lives up to the hype, but tramples it and keeps sprinting into the distance.

Past that, and back on topic, I just want to again thank my editors for holding my spot down, and the people who’ve been e-mailing to ask when they’ll be getting a new column. Ya’ll be good, and I’ll be back soon.


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