I’ve never been much of a joiner. Maybe it’s because I’m not real crazy about crowds. Maybe it’s that I’m a little shy,(my wife calls it anti-social) or maybe I’m a little more private than this column leads you to believe. Hell, maybe it’s all the above.

Anyway, in last week in Busted Knuckles, I chose the blonde beauty, Ali Larter from NBC TV’s hit series HEROES as my Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week. As a tag on that segment I mentioned that Ali Larter would be a great choice to play my character, Wynonna Earp, in a film or on TV.

Well, it seems that others were thinking along the same lines. The very talented Jason from www.herostew.com wrote me and told me that after reading Busted Knuckles he had constructed a petition for folks to sign if they wanted to see Ali Larter as Wynonna Earp in a film. He did a great job and did it quick. It inspired me. So I’m going against grain, fighting my urge to forever be a loner and asking you to join me, Jason and the other folks that have already signed the Ali Larter As Wynonna Earp petition. I figure it’ll cost you about 30 seconds of your life to do so. I realize that’s 30 seconds you won’t get back, but if a Wynonna Earp movie is made and Ali Larter gets cast as her, then you’ll get more than that 30 seconds back in knowing that you were a part of making it happen. You’d kinda be a producer only without the money, the screen credit and the young starlet hanging on your arm.

So here is the link that’ll get you started in this little venture to flesh Wynonna Earp out on the big screen?.and oh what flesh it will be.


It seems that Jason wasn’t the only one inspired by the suggestion of Ali Larter as Wynonna Earp. A few days ago I got an email from artist Marlin Shoop. (Marlin?like the name of the noble fighting fish, not one of those weird Jackson Five brothers)

For those of you that might not know, Marlin is the artist that will be penciling the upcoming comic book project that I’m writing called CYN. It’s a teeth extracting, fun-filled, fistacular series based on the Queen of martial arts movies, Cynthia Rothrock. Marlin is a former Kubert School guy that has done work for Top Cow and a few other publishers in comics. Marlin also has to suffer talking to me on the phone a few times a week. I say suffer because I treat him like he was one of my younger brothers. Trust me, that’s not something you wanna be.

Not only is Marlin a very talented artist, but he’s also very fast. He whipped up this sketch of Wynonna Earp faster than I can make a 6 pack of free beer vanish. Since Wynonna Earp was one of the main topics this week (Isn’t it odd how projects of mine always seem to be main topics here?) I thought I’d post up not only this sketch of Wynonna by Marlin, but one he did of Cynthia from the upcoming comic book series CYN (Which we will be shopping around ? Hear that all you comic book publishers out there?)

I promise I’ll be doing more Show and Tell for CYN as the weeks roll on. The same goes for the the next Wynonna Earp series The Yeti Wars.

I’m sure Marlin would love to read your thoughts on his stuff, so feel free to post up any comments that you may have or get in contact with Marlin through his MySpace page at www.myspace.com/marlinshoop . Remember, he’s a lot nicer guy than I am and doesn’t have as many guns. Although I should tell you he’s earned a bunch of those belts in various forms of martial arts. Good thing he’s a nice guy. ‘Sides, I know you wouldn’t want Cynthia pissed at you.

Jack Bauer Man Of The Hour

Unless you’ve been locked up in a Chinese prison for a year, you have no doubt seen or heard of the hit FOX TV series, 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland. It’s one of my personal favorites and I have rarely missed an episode. I think the series is one of those rare ones that gets better with each season. It’s like a nice steak that has had all the fat trimmed off it. The writers have learned what works and doesn’t with each passing season. Unlike other shows that merely lock things into auto pilot and coast.

Something you may not know is that IDW Publishinghas been producing the official 24 comic book. Like the TV show, I haven’t missed one yet. The series is mirror of everything that makes the TV show a hit. There is no way you can not enjoy the show without enjoying the comic book just as much.

The comic book series is written by J.C. Vaughn and Mark Haynes. The art on the current series (24: Nightfall) is by Jean Diaz with colors by Debora Cartia. The book has all of the characters that you enjoy on the show and the best part is that the comic is just as action packed and filled with the same edge-of-your-seat tension that the TV series addicts you with.

It’s obvious that Vaughn and Haynes are students of the series as well as the multi-layered characters. The pacing equals that of the TV show. The art is realistic and stays true to the characters as they are played on TV. It amazes me that a book like this goes under the radar of so many comic book readers and fans of the TV show. The 24 comic book is a slam dunk on all levels. If you aren’t reading it you should start.

It’s worth the cover price in story, art and of course IDW Publishing‘s superior formatting. In fact it’s a steal. Just don’t let Jack Bauer catch you.

Justice Society Of America #2

Written By Geoff Johns
Art by Dale Eaglesham and Ruy Jose

** I like Geoff Johns as a friend. I TRUST Geoff Johns as a writer. All the proof you need of that is to read what Geoff puts down in Justice Society Of America. Issue #1 has come and gone. You should’ve been there. I just read issue #2. You don’t wanna miss this party.

** Y’all know I’m not one for a lot of heavy blocks of text. Not in comics, but the first page of JSA #2 shows you how to do it if you really have to. The only thing I didn’t like was the red lettering. Not that big of a deal. What I liked was the quick capsule of information given about every guy that has ever put on the red, white and blue costume of Commander Steel/Steel.

** Wildcat. Any regular Knucklelhead knows that to me, the character, Ted Grant/Wildcat is family. MY family. They also know that you don’t mess with my family. Geoff Johns is one of the rare writers that treats my family right. I cannot tell you how much it pleases me to see and read Wildcat written with all the character layers he deserves. In a cast of characters as large as the JSA Wildcat doesn’t always get as much time in the spotlight as I’d like. I understand that with a team book. BUT? when Geoff does throw the spotlight on Wildcat he always makes sure he shines. He makes every panel worth remembering. Few writers are able to do that. There’s no “collecting a check” here. Dale Eaglesham does a great Ted Grant face here. A boxer’s face. This I know well.

** Wildcat’s son, Tom. Nice surprise. Perfect background and a refreshing “reunion” with his dad, Wildcat. No Lifetime Channel dialogue. No cliché’ stuff ripped from a current Marvel Comic that shall remain unnamed because I won’t give it any more ink that it already gets. My only complaint about the Tom character is the use of smoking. I’ve never felt it should be shown in a mainstream comic or film. It’s a personal thing and I won’t ramble on about it here. Needless to say there are other ways of representing a side of a character without it. It’s an ugly habit that kills you, makes you stink and makes no sense at all. Sorry? I didn’t wanna ramble. I just hope Geoff cuts it out of the character and the book.

** Dale Eaglesham. Not only does he have one of the coolest last names in comics, but he and inker Ruy Jose have without a doubt drawn the most dead on splash page of Hawkman I’ve seen in decades. This is how I’ve always seen Hawkman. This is the 6 foot 8 inch, 300 pound, mammoth wing-span Hawkman that every reader has ever wanted. This splash page should be a poster and sold in every comic shop. When a writer and artist ever have to use Hawkman in a story THIS is the blueprint they should follow. Call it what you want, fanboy, nerdy, geeky, whatever. (Just don’t ever say it to my face) I bought a second issue of JSA #2 and cut this page out and framed it for my office here at the ranch. That’s how much it meant to me. Look at this page long and hard, because you may not get to see something like this again.

** This issue is paced like one of the best episodes of the ABC TV show LOST. It gives you everything you want, It touches on each character and makes every panel count.

** Editing. I worked with editor Eddie Berganza on Guy Gardner: Warrior for over two years and I’ve known Eddie for more than 17 years. This is possibly the best story he has ever edited. Word for word and panel for panel this is a very well done book and sequentially possibly the best second issue I’ve ever seen in all my years of reading comics. I know that may sound like a strange statement, but from a technical side this is near perfect. Credit must also be given to assistant editor Adam Schlagman. I know that he had his hand in this issue because of the way Eddie Berganza works. Eddie has never forgotten that he came up through the ranks as an assistant and he knows how to treat one and how to teach one.

** Starman. Boy? he is one weird character.

Speaking of weird, how’s that for one strange review?

Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week

Sarah Carter

You heard it here first months ago when I told you to look out for the upcoming modern day, action packed, biker/werewolf movie Skinwalkers. I touted it then because the lust of my life, Rhona Mitra is in it. Well, know now that you get a double dose of Busted Knuckles babes because the blonde bombshell Sarah Carter is also in the movie and she is a Baaaaaaaad girl.

This leggy beauty has been in tons of stuff you’ve already seen. Stuff such as Numb3rs, Shark, Smallville, Boston Legal, Dark Angel and on March 30th, the movie I mentioned earlier, Skinwalkers. The trailer for Skinwalkers is up on the internet now. You might wanna check it out. It’s an action packed popcorn horror movie. Pure entertainment. Just as looking at Sarah Carter is.

Busted Knuckles Manly Cover Of The Week

Superman #164
DC Comics 1963

Most of you out there know about my grudge against Superman. He’s the creep that has always kept Lois Lane from falling in love with me. He’s the big red and blue goofball that no doubt used his outer space powers to brainwash her and keep her from being “Lois Smith”.

I’ve never pass up an opportunity to show Superman in an unflattering light. Well, back in 1963 when I was in 3rd grade I came across a special treat. I was in the supermarket with my mom and while she did what all women should do, shop for food for their man, I was looking at the spinner rack full of comics. As I flipped through the covers I came across a cover that gave me a smile any mad scientist would envy. There in all it’s four color glory was the “the man of steel”getting beat like a rented mule by Lex Luthor under the rays of that beautiful red sun. I know that most of you younger readers probably looked at this cover and thought you were seeing Brian Michael Bendis beating the dog snot out of Superman, but you were mistaken. Lex Luthor is a good foot taller than Bendis.

The beauty of this issue inside was that the fight scene between the two is actually done realistically. The punches, jabs and stances are done in the real sweet science of boxing. The bad part is that in the end Superman wins again. This cover gave me false hope as a child. At least Lex was able to give Superman a black eye before the Red Sun went down on him and without giving away too much even Lex gets to be a hero . (Even though Superman throws him back in jail) It’s one of the best Superman stories I’ve ever read.

The Roundup

I get a lot of mail here at the ranch from readers, fans and other folks. Today I got what I guess you’d call “Hate Mail”. It was a brand new issue of Wizard Magazine #187 with a Post It note attached to Page 126 where the Wizard Hot 10 Writers are listed. On the Post It were the words: “Where Are You, Loser?”

There was no return address on the envelope, but it was postmarked from New York City, New York. (Figures it was a Yankee) I’ve gotta say, it made my day. Most of you might call it “Hate Mail”, but I called it too funny. I got a free issue of Wizard and the guy had to pay $4.05 priority mail just to get it to me. I think I came out ahead. This one goes in my collection of The Best Things Ever Sent To Me On A Monday.

To whoever sent this to me? Thank you for the free stuff and most of all for spelling my name right.

After all, when it’s all said and done ain’t that the most important thing?

See y’all next week.

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