By Beau Smith

Where else can two or more people break jaws, bust heads and throw buildings at each other with no one really getting’ arrested?

Where else can you find men and women that are built like brick outhouses and it’s taken as the norm?


Fiction books? Yep.

The movies? Yep.

TV? Yep.

All the above are places where you can find these things, but who was first? What medium was the benchmark for all that is exciting and fun?

That’s right? comic books.

Comic books. Those former 10 and 12-cent floppy, stapled, four-colored books that took you to places you never dreamed possible. Long before Spider-Man was spinnin’ webs on the silver screen he was bouncin’ off walls in a comic book. Long before Superman was faster than a speeding bullet on the TV screen he was bendin’ steel with his bare hands in comic books.

There is no chicken or the egg theory here. Comic books were the first.

Only in the last few years has Hollywood and the rest of the world started to treat the form of comic books with any true respect. They’ve only just begun, but they’re getting’ there. In the last few years comic books have become legit. Why? Because the rest of the world found out you can not only make money from them, but they are a pretty damn exciting read.

Granted, folks like you and me have known this for a long time. We were ahead of the game ’cause we had guys like Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Julie Schwartz and many others showin’ us the way. It took Hollywood decades to catch up with the kinda of special effects that only comic books can produce.

Only now are they starting to scratch the surface of comics. The best is yet to come, children.

Back when I was growin’ up we had a wonderful array of comic book genres. We had super heroes, war, western, romance, sci-fi, funny animals and other types of comics that laid out a floor plan for almost everybody. That floor plan has shrunk through the decades, but we’re still far and wide over other sources of entertainment. Comic books are still the best thing goin’.

We that know and love comic books have finally made the prime time with the rest of the general population. Now is the time for us to really pass the word on comic books to those unwashed masses that have yet to embrace the clean cloth of comics. I firmly believe that we should be buyin’ two of each comic again. No, I don’t mean buyin’ one to read and one to bag. I mean one for us and then one to give to a friend that doesn’t read comics. Now is the time for you to be a missionary of comics. Spread the word while the burrito is still hot.

Put your hand in the hand of the man that is sellin’ comics. Give a comic to someone else you know?or for that matter someone you don’t know. Why not make every day Free Comic Book Day?

Why wait until Christmas or someone’s birthday rolls around to give them a trade paperback? There’s no rule that says ya can’t do it anytime. That four for a dollar box that your local retailer has is a prime place to buy ammo for the good cause. I’m talkin’ the best kinda advertisement that money can’t buy? word of mouth and hand to hand. Pass that comic book around like a cheap date on prom night. Get the goods into the hands of others that aren’t quite as hip as you.

Ya don’t have to shove it down they’re throat you can be smooth about it. I think you’ll find that they will be pretty damn happy with that comic. I think they’ll be surprised at the pleasure they’ll reap from that comic book you gave em’.

So make this the week that you start givin’ comic books away. Get someone hooked on a book. I’m not askin’ ya to do ME a favor, I askin’ ya to do COMICS a favor. Give one away.

Those are my words for the week. Now leave me alone, I got comics to hand out.

I ain’t hard to find.

Beau Smith
The Flying Fist Ranch
P.O. Box 706
Ceredo, WV. 25507

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Beau Smith is a writer for Comics Bulletin