The comic book crossover we never asked for is coming, and I’m extremely excited to see how it fares.

Yes, we’re not dreaming, IDW Publishing believe they have the key to unlock more possibilities in the beloved Sandman Universe and have announced an ambitious crossover comic between Neil Gaiman’s seminal series The Sandman, and Joe Hill’s Locke and Keya comic which is ever-increasing in popularity after a successful TV adaptation by Netflix recently released.

The one-off comic, titled Hell & Gone, was first unveiled by IDW Publishing via their Twitter account. The reveal came to much excitement (and a little confusion as to exactly why it’s happening) from fans of both universes.

The announcement tweet confirmed the enigmatic comic for an October release date. We even got a short promotional video and cover, both of which pay homage to the cover of Locke and Key Issue #1: Welcome to Lovecraft. But in place of the key from the original comic, it’s replaced by the key to Hell from Gaiman’s comics, an object made popular by the Season of Mists storyline in The Sandman. In Season of Mists, Lucifer abdicates his post as ruler of Hell and hands the elusive key to Dream of the Endless.

The comic is set to be written and illustrated by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez respectively. The two are the typical team that have worked on Locke and Key.

When the announcement was made, Joe Hill took to his Instagram to express his gratitude to be working on a project as unique as this. He also reassured fans that he and his team are going to work as hard as they can to create “something special.”

“We’ve been talking about this for a couple years now and I’m so glad it’s actually happening. Big thanks to @neilhimself for inviting us to play in his house of dreams. Look for it in October. @gr_comics@chris_ryall@jayfotosstudios and I are gonna work hard as we can to make it something special.”

I for one have full faith that Joe Hill can create something that can stand on its own as a crossover to a comic series as influential as Sandman.

We have no official details as to what the storyline could entail, but from clues in the title of the comic, I’m betting that we’re going to see out characters travel to Hell, with an appearance from Lucifer, provided the timeline takes place before The Sandman‘s Season of Mists story arc.

It seems the two comics actually have a bit more in common too, having both been picked up for adaptations by the same network, Netflix. Locke and Key celebrated its first foray to the small screen earlier this month with a successful live-action adaptation. While The Sandman has already been picked up by Netflix for a live-action adaptation, it’s yet to begin filming. Here’s to Sandman having a huge impact on our screens as it’s had in print!

Will you be reading the Locke and Key meets Sandman crossover event when it drops this October?


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