Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 #19 (Cover A Steve Morris), $3.99

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 #19 (Cover B Rebekah Isaacs), $3.99


Buffy is reunited with her dad!! And there is a demon scourge!


ElfQuest The Final Quest #11, $3.50


I tried reading the description for this issue and it was like trying to read the Genesis. So many names. Such confusion.


fight club

Fight Club 2 #5 (Cover A David Mack), $3.99

Fight Club 2 #5 (Cover A Steve Morris), $3.99


I’m really excited that this has continued to be good and exciting and a cool continuation of the Fight Clubbiness that already existed.


Halo Escalation #22, $3.99


So here are my thoughts on games like Halo. My friend is playing Destiny right now and he tried to teach me how, but here’s the thing. I’m used to playing two dimensional games like Mario and Super Smash Brothers and so I had no idea what I was doing in a first person shooter where I had to move and look at the same time with two different fingers. What on earth. I spent a lot of time getting shot at while I stared at the sky. So anyhow, I’ve never read Halo.


Hellboy In Hell #8, $2.99


Hellboy is still on my list of things to read! I need to get around to it. I’ve also never seen the movie because I always thought it looked silly, but apparently it’s really cool!



Negative Space #2 (Of 4), $3.99


I’m REALLY enjoying this comic a lot. It’s cool sci-fy with a really interesting mental health twist. I will say that for people struggling with depression, it might be a little bit difficult to read at some points. But the art is totally incredible and the story is taking a turn I did not expect when I started the first issue.


Power Cubed #1 (Of 4), $3.99
I am not a super big fan of this issue. I think that it would probably be enjoyable for younger readers, which is a great thing for a comic to be! But for me it was not very exciting. The writing and art were both pretty generic and the villain was just . . . not the most inspired. I did get very excited when I saw a T-Rex though!

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