Conan The Avenger #17, $3.50


Conan is slaughtering people to save people again!



Fight Club 2 #4 (Cover A David Mack), $3.99

Fight Club 2 #4 (Cover B Anthony Palumbo), $3.99


As a huge fan of both the original Fight Club book and movie, I was a bundle of nervousness and excitement for a comic book sequel. So far the series has impressed me! It’s pretty weird for the main character to finally have a name, especially since his name is Sebastian, which just makes me think of lobsters, but overall the book is interesting and plays with the medium in fun ways. I’m really glad that Fight Club has adapted and changed to be just as unique in comic form as it was in its other iterations. I will say that this comic is pretty depressing, but I wouldn’t have expected anything else!



Grindhouse Drive In Bleed Out #8 (Of 8)(adult), $3.99


Fun fact: This cover was not actually allowed to be published in previews because it was considered inappropriate. Leave it to Milo Manara and Alex de Campi to be unashamedly bold and awesome. This is a series I haven’t read yet, but I really like de Campi’s work on Archie vs. Predator and No Mercy, so I’m sure this book is absolutely fantastic! It’s the last issue of this Tarantino-esque series.


Halo Escalation #21, $3.99


The covers of the Halo books have always kind of reminded me of Ender’s Game. As I’m not much of a gamer, the Halo comics haven’t made it on to my reading list, but from what I’ve heard, they’re a nice companion to the game as well as being good sci-fi stories on their own.


Hellboy In Hell #7, $2.99


Hellboy is in danger of losing himself and becoming one of the masses of personality-less spirits in hell. What must he do to save himself from this fate?



Mulan Revelations #3 (Of 4), $3.99


Mulan Revelations surprised me with how awesome it was.The description of it didn’t really grab my attention, but a friend suggested I give it a try and I loved it. I like futuristic stories that incorporate things I’ve often thought about actually being realities in the next few years. In Mulan Revelations almost everyday has some robot parts in them to cure numerous different ailments. However, this technology doesn’t always sit well in the body, much as a body can reject a transplant. For those whose bodies have rejected this technology, life is likely to come to an abrupt end. But there is hope as Mulan discovers that her tears have healing power.



New MGMT #1 (Cover A Matt Kindt), $3.99

New MGMT #1 (Cover B Geof Darrow), $3.99


It’s the last issue of Mind MGMT. This fantastic series has been a staple in many people’s pulls for a long time now and for good reason. Kindt’s storytelling is complicated and beautiful and he ends things in similar fashion with a powerful stand alone final issue.


Past Aways #6, $3.99


Past Aways is my friend’s absolute favorite comic. It’s her bunker book. It’s a really fun time travel book that takes the time to fully develop all of the characters. Past Aways is both cheeky and deep at the same time.



Tomorrows #2 (Of 6), $3.99


I was really excited about The Tomorrows because Curt Pires is a writer I’ve enjoyed greatly in the past. However, The Tomorrows did not quite live up to my expectations as it felt like a run of the mill rebellious youth story without a unique hook to set it apart.



Zodiac Starforce #1 (Of 4), $3.99
This book is great!! I’ve just learned about Magical Girls recently and this book exemplified all of the things I like about the trope. It’s full of friendship, monsters, bright colors, drama, and of course, super cool costumes.