Birthright #10, $2.99


I was just told by a friend that I would probably really like this series! Parents lose their child, only to have him return a short while later as a grown, war weary man.


empty zone

Empty Zone #3, $3.50


The art in this series is really, really cool. It’s full of industrial beauty with robot parts and metal, but also super gorgeous colors and painterly-ness. I read the first issue and enjoyed the dystopian story with a bit of occult, ghost story sensibilities mixed in.


Invincible #122, $2.99


Mark Grayson and Eve try to take some time to relax, but of course that is near impossible for the invincible boy.



Island #2, $7.99


I haven’t yet had a chance to read the first issue of The Island, but I want to very much! I’m hoping it will be similar to Flight, which is one of my favorite comic collections of all time. I can’t wait to start reading this comics magazine.

Manifest Destiny #16, $2.99


It’s the history of The United States! Well, if there were a lot more monsters involved in Lewis and Clark’s adventures, that is. And who knows? Maybe this fantastical, dangerous, bizarre-creature filled story is closer to the real truth than we know!


Mantle #4, $3.99


So I read the first issue of this series and thought it was pretty cool, but haven’t kept reading yet. However, after seeing the giant, adorable cat on the front of this issue, I kind of think I should have been keeping up all along!


ooddly normal

Oddly Normal #9 (Cover A Otis Frampton), $2.99

Oddly Normal #9 (Cover B Grant Gould), $2.99


Oddly Normal  is such a great, all ages comic! It’s very fun and quirky, with beautiful art and wonderful writing. Also, Otis Frampton is from Minneapolis, my home, which is pretty cool!


Postal #6 (Cover A Linda Sejic), $3.99

Postal #6 (Cover B Isaac Goodhart), $3.99


Many people enjoy Postal, but it was not a series I particularly liked. Something about it’s portrayal of minorities and the way it was written grinded my gears.


rat queens

Rat Queens #11, $3.99


Rat Queens is basically the coolest Dungeons and Dragons game you’ve ever played with a bunch of super rad leading ladies. In this issue they are roadtripping to Mage University, which sounds even awesomer than usual.


Revival #32, $3.99


Revival is a huge favorite amongst my comic book club!


Savage Dragon #206, $3.99


It’s a new story arc! Malcolm is graduating!


stray bullets

Stray Bullets: Sunshine And Roses #7, $3.50


This is a bit of a silly anecdote, but whenever I see a cover for Stray Bullets, I think of the movie Chasing Amy. The good parts of that movie were the parts that happened at comic con and at the very end when Alyssa is sitting at her booth, she is sitting right next to the Stray Bullets booth and there is a Stray Bullets #1 on the wall right behind her.


Trees #12, $2.99


Trees is yet another series I’ve really been meaning to read! Giant alien trees landing in US cities? Sign me up! It definitely sounds like my kind of book.



Wolf #2, $3.50
The first issue of Wolf was absolutely visually stunning. Because it was an extra big issue, there was plenty of time and space to really take the story slowly and develop the mood behind the book. I’m hoping for more of the same from the second issue.