Covenant #3 (Cover A Rob Liefeld), $2.99

Covenant #3 (Cover B Matt Horak), $2.99


I started the first issue of Covenant, but it wasn’t really my jam. It sounds like a really cool story though if you like historical/religious Indiana Jones type things mixed in with lots of biblical battling! I only stopped reading because it was a war story and those seldom hold my interest.


east of west

East Of West #20, $3.50


I have had the first trade of East of West on request at the library for months. It finally came once, but I was on vacation and couldn’t pick it up on time so they stopped holding it for me. Now it’s back on my hold list. I will read this comic some day!! It is clearly quite popular. Issue 20 begins a new arc titled The Nation Rises.



Low #9, $3.50


This book is absolutely gorgeous. It’s sci-fi, it’s post apocalyptic, it’s incredible.


Rasputin #8, $3.50


Rasputin is so intriguing to me because I remember reading boatloads of historical fiction as a child and Anastasia’s family was a popular subject. When I first heard that Rasputin was brutally murdered, yet didn’t die, I remember being scared, fascinated, and disbelieving all at once. Seriously, every time I write one of these articles, I find at least one title, if not more, that I’m absolutely astounded I haven’t already been reading. This is one of those for sure.


Roche Limit Clandestiny #4, $3.50


I haven’t read Roche Limit Clandestiny yet because I did not read the original Roche Limit. It’s another one on hold at the library! I’ve heard absolutely glowing reviews so I’m excited to catch up. Good sci-fi is always welcome in my book stack.



Rumble #6 (Cover A James Harren), $3.50

Rumble #6 (Cover B Lee Bermejo), $3.50


I really enjoy rumble. It’s fun and snarky, but also actiony! This is going to seem oddly specific, but I love when villains have a cloak and you can just see their glowy eyes under their hood. It’s awesome. But seriously, this comic is great and, excitingly enough, issue six is the beginning of a new arc and it’s a stand alone story so it is the perfect place to jump on.


Sons Of The Devil #4 (Cover A Toni Infante), $2.99

Sons Of The Devil #4 (Cover B Brian Miller), $2.99

Sons Of The Devil #4 (Cover C Siya Oum), $2.99


Sons of the Devil is another choice book dealing with the occult. I’ve liked it a lot so far. It has the perfect mix of mystery and weird cult stuff! It takes a fresh look at a topic that has been covered time and time again by looking into what would happen if someone was raised in a cult, but taken away from it at a very young age. What would the lasting effects of such an upbringing be?


Spawn #255, $2.99


I like the PREVIEWSworld description of this issue a lot a lot, so I’m just going to leave that here:

“Spawn continues to discover his new powers using his big-ass colossal sword to defeat his enemies.”



Spread #9, $3.50


Two thoughts immediately sprung to mind as I was looking at the description of this issue, “Wow there are a lot of tentacles and going things and the monstery blob.” and “Oh, this arc is called The Children’s Crusade? One time I sang a song called that in my youth choir. We performed with college kids and thought we were really cool.” None of that is relevant at all, but I wanted to share.


They’re Not Like Us #7, $2.99


They’re Not Like Us is a surprisingly awesome series. I was pretty skeptical of the first few issues, but then it turned into a great read with a compelling story. It’s like the X-Men, but with looser morals. Issue seven is the start of a new arc!



Thief Of Thieves #30, $2.99


For some reason the covers are reminding me of lots of things tonight. The hand on this one reminds me of a Tumblr theme that I used for awhile. It had a similar art style and even had a hand as one of the menu toggles.


Valhalla Mad #4, $3.50


Valhalla Mad is like Asgardians Gone Wild. Some gods come down to earth to party and end up wreaking havoc. Of course, nothing goes as they planned and the humans are not amused.