Recently I was doing a store signing and after all the throngs of Knuckleheads had wandered off I took the time to look around the store. I had been through the back issues and found some gems of the Silver and Bronze Age that caught my eye. Great stuff with art by John Romita, Sr., Ross Andru and, of course, Don Heck. I also came across an issue of Batman that I didn’t have. It was drawn by late Don Newton.

Artist, Don Newton, like Dick Dillin (JLA), Bob Brown (Batman) and Irv Novick (The Flash), has always been one of those fantastic comic book artists that has never quite gotten the recognition that his work deserved. Don Newton had a style that depending on the book he was drawing, had the flair of Neal Adams, the body movement of John Buscema and story telling of a Russ Heath. The manager of the store and I got to talking when he saw I had a couple of Don Newton issues in my grubby paws and told me that I should check out the latest issue of BACK ISSUE by TwoMorrows Publishing. He said Don Newton was the feature in it.

Don Newton was an artist whose work I always looked for in comics. He was a true craftsman with a wonderful style that always entertained. One of the first pieces of original art that I bought was a Don Newton Captain Marvel page. It was beautiful and signed by Don as well. It still breaks my heart that I had to sell it during some rough financial times. At least I know it went to a very good home where it is still framed and on the wall.

Getting back to the magazine of BACK ISSUE. The store manager showed me where it was and as I looked through it I knew I had something to read that night. Most of you regular Knuckleheads know that I’ve sung the praises of TwoMorrows Publishing before here in my column. Well, once again I have to clear my voice and sing again.

With this issue of BACK ISSUE #19 I am once again reminded that there is a treasure chest of comic book history out there waiting for readers like you to study. This issue that featured an in-depth history of Don Newton also had other great stories such as:

  • Remembering Marvel Comics The Defenders
  • The Greatest Stories Never Told-Tony Isabella with the behind the scenes story of one of Marvel Comics strangest super teams?The Champions
  • The work of Mark Gruenwald and his days at Marvel Comics
  • Assistant Editors Month at Marvel-A behind the scenes look at a zany editorial and marketing move of the 1980s
  • Plus tons of art by Don Newton and as I mentioned, a very in-depth look at the man and his art

There is so much more in this fine, fat issue. Stuff that everyone that enjoys comic books should be reading. Doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of super hero comics, Indy comics, an artist, a writer or a reader. If you enjoy comics then TwoMorrows has a magazine or book for you.

Every month TwoMorrows Publishing puts out magazines of great comic book interest loaded with unpublished art, behind the scenes stories and a mess of comic book history. Here is a sample of some of their publications:

  • Back Issue
  • Alter Ego
  • Comic Book Artist
  • Rough Stuff
  • Write Now!
  • Draw!
  • The Jack Kirby Collection
  • Various Companion Books (All-Star, Krypton, JLA, Titans & More
  • Modern Masters-A look at individual legendary comic book creators such as Walt Simonson, Mike Wieringo, Alan Davis, George Perez, Art Adams and many more.

These are big black and white magazines that are sold in all really good comic stores, book stores and even through the TwoMorrows website at

I believe that everyone that reads and loves comic books will enjoy these magazines. There’s none of the snarky attitude that you get with so called online journalists. There’s no Frat-Boy, self-loving articles on the staff, most of all there’s nothing that’ll waste your time or your money. All the people at Twomorrows Publishing care not only about comics and the people that create them, but they also care about their readers.

Make sure next time you’re in your local comic shop or book store that you check out any of these TwoMorrows publications. You’ll quickly find out that ol’ Beau did not steer you wrong.

A Collection Of Broken Bones, Empty .45 Casings and Justice

There are only a few weeks away from the release of The Cobb Magazine from IDW Publishing. (Release date is March 14, 2007) This big magazine sized publication collects the entire three issue series of Cobb: Off The Leash by myself and Eduardo Barreto. This is a reminder to you that you really need to pre-order this book with your local retailer. Please don’t assume that they’ll order it or have it automatically. After all, this is a Marvel and DC super hero world and there’s not always room on the shelf for cape and cowless books.

The Diamond Distribution Order Number for The Cobb Magazine is DEC063705 It’s from IDW Publishing.

If this book sells well then there might be a chance for Eduardo and I to do some new adventures of this retro-action thriller. I appreciate all of you that backed and bought the original series. Your hard earned money is appreciated and thank you for taking the time to read it.

I hope you pick up The Cobb Magazine and tell your friends.

Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week

Nadine Velazquez
– actress

As most of you regular Knuckleheads know I like the Latin women. I share this passion with John Wayne. He always had an eye for the shapely babes. Actress Nadine Velazquez fits that bill 100%.

Most of you know her from the hit NBC sitcom MY NAME IS EARL. I think it’s great that she’s gotten to show her talents to the world on such a high profile series. Here’s a bit of Babe trivia for ya, Nadine was also in the mindless,but eye popping “Babe-A-Thon” movie CHASING PAPI that was filled with lovely Latin ladies such as Roselyn Sanchez, Sofia Vergara, Lisa Vidal, and Maria Conchita Alonso. This movie is one that you can hit the mute button and watch forever.

Go rent or buy CHASING PAPI. You’ll thank me.

Busted Knuckles Manly Cover Of The Week

Skull The Slayer #1
Marvel Comics August 1975

Skull The Slayer is one of the hidden gems in the Marvel Comics vault. It is a standout series with a great character from the 1970s. So much potential and so little attention paid. This cover gives you an idea of what was inside this wonderful action packed sci-fi action comic. Marv Wolfman wrote it and Steve Gan did the art inside. SKULL THE SLAYER had it all; dinosaurs, tough guy Tarzan like action, Time travel, babes, weird bad guys and a great G.I. Joe Meets The Amazing Atomic Man ad.

I highly recommend that you seek out this short lived series at your local comic shop or on Ebay. If you enjoy the TV show LOST then you will love this.

Chuck Dixon Makes An Impact

In my monthly print column “Far From Fragile” in Impact Magazine-The Global Action-Entertainment Magazine this month I have a very revealing interview with famed comic book writer Chuck Dixon on the politics, craftsmanship and art of writing comics. Chuck proves why he is not one to hold back on his very blunt opinions. I suggest you check out your local bookstores and newsstands for this issue #182, Feb. 2007 to find out who’s toes Chuck has stomped on. The issue also contains great features such as a roundtable on The State Of Action In Films Today, articles on the Rocky Balboa movie, Paul Cornell writer of Marvel Comics WISDOM as well as tons of stuff on Anime, Films, Video Games, TV and much more.

The Roundup

Yep. It’s true. It happened. My Chicago Bears lost the Super Bowl.

Of course I’m a little down about it. Yeah, it’ll take a few days to get over. That’s the little picture.

The bigger picture is that I got to spend an entire season watching my favorite football team with my son, Nick, my best friend Crabtree and his son, Clay as well as a houseful of Nick’s assorted hooligan friends. That was worth more to me than a Super Bowl victory in the big scheme of life.

The season went beyond my expectations and it gave great coaches like Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith a big stage to show that nice guys do finish first and second sometimes. I enjoyed the fact that there were no “bad boys” for the media to lap, lick and suck up to. I didn’t have to suffer through any Ray Lewis chest thumping, T.O. endzone dancing and sideline whining, announcers pitching tents up the ass of the Dallas Cowboys and them telling me over and over how Bill Parcells is a genius.

I did try and skip as much pre-game build up as I could. I had no desire to hear the tired drone of Chris Berman and his moron sound effects and worn out references to songs of the 70s that no one cares about. (Not to mention his terrible nicknaming players) I didn’t want to hear the nonsensical chattering of Michael Irvin, who has now snuck into the Hall Of Fame and will be announced for Sainthood even though he continues to get away with saying very dumb things and making racial remarks that would get other people banished forever. I had no need to hear Steve Young yell at the camera and tell me over and over again what HE would’ve done. I didn’t need someone to translate whatever language that Shanon Sharpe speaks, and I also got to pass on Stuart Scott making his terrible attempts to sound “street” like that Randy Jackson guy on American Idol. I am also thankful that Keith Oberman is no longer on the ESPN desk with his always snarky, internet-like remarks.

Now that I’ve vented I can wait for the next season and start the whole thing over again.

Isn’t that they way it’s supposed to be?

Your amigo,

Beau Smith
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