Comics Bulletin is now featuring Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou’s hit video series, Strip Panel Naked!

Strip Panel Naked is an in-depth analysis of comic book artwork, examining intention, craft, and composition. In each video, Hass spends time with a specific page, sequence, or panel and reveals new ways to admire the work. With a keen visual eye thoroughly exploring the page, each video examines aspects such as layouts, lettering, color pallets, design, and pacing.

This episode sees Chris Samnee come on the show to discuss his ongoing run on Marvel’s Black Widow! Samnee and Hass discuss framing, sound effects, and color art in Natasha’s latest series of spy games.

About The Author

Hassan (Hass) makes Strip Panel Naked, a YouTube series focusing on breaking down comic art. He also does this a lot on his twitter (@HassanOE). He also makes films that you might like.