Attention all comic book creators! Do you have a story in the works? Are you itching to share your work with the world? Here at Comics Bulletin, we’re creating a new project that involves independent creators. That’s right! We’re asking all non-published creators to send in their works for review.  Here are the rules for submission for anyone who is interested.


  • Creators that submit their work that is not affiliated with any publishers. This means that all creators cannot submit comics that have been officially published.
  • The comic must cannot be related to fanfiction. This means that all submissions must be original works. Stories cannot be spin offs, fan sequels, fan prequels, alternative universes, etc to other published comics.
  • Only ONE comic can be submitted from a creator. The comic must be the first in a series or a stand-alone story.
  • Your comic must be translated in English.  Here at Comics Bulletin, all of our reviews are done in English. Although Google Translate exists, we ask that comics be written in English.
  • Your comic book must be submitted as a PDF file. We do not accept JPGs or any other form at this time. Also, we ask that an online link be used for easy access to your comic. We cannot accept attachments at this time.
  • Finally, all reviews done for comics are based on honest opinions. Comics Bulletin reviewers will have the right to criticize comics as they fit based on their opinions.


If you have any questions about policies, please send us a message on the “Contact Us” page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Submissions will be accepted between until November 12, 2018. From there, one comic will be selected every month for review starting in December. We look forward to hearing from all creators!

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