There are so many good things coming out this week!! I couldn’t even talk about them all or I’d be writing for a year, but here’s a bunch!!!


Klaus #1

Publisher: BOOM! STUDIOS
(W) Grant Morrison (A) Dan Mora (CA) Frazer Irving, Dan Mora

This comic is so bizarre, but I think I like it? Santa Claus is a dude who owns a big wolf and sics it on people, but gets really upset when children are treated poorly. So he makes a bunch of toys? While maybe on drugs? I’m curious as to how much of this is based in actual lore and how much of it is pure imagination. But I think it’s going to be good!



Monstress #1

(W) Marjorie M. Liu (A/CA) Sana Takeda

Monstress is beautiful and intense. It’s fantasy tone is enhanced by its intricate art, interlaced with gore. The story involves a vast array of characters who are recovering from a war between the humans and magical beings. Since the war a system of slavery and oppression has been in place. This comic was so good that I made my friend sit silently for a full ten minutes so I could finish reading it without any distractions. There are powerful ladies in it and it is very awesome.




Atomic Robo and the Ring of Fire #3

(W) Brian Clevinger (A/CA) Scott Wegener

Atomic Robo is back! Or . . . at least his head is! The team has to rebuild his body and try to figure out how to make his crazy nuclear heart. Somehow, even without his body, Robo maintains his sassy charm.



Citizen Jack #1

(W) Sam Humphries (A/CA) Tommy Patterson

Citizen Jack takes place in Minnesota! That’s where I’m from!! I liked this issue a lot and I kind of feel like I can tie it into the Prez universe in my mind, which is pretty cool. One of the newscasters is inexplicably a dolphin and the presidential candidate exclusively wears a fuzzy pink robe and a cowboy hat. Oh, and an American flag and boxers once. He’s been convinced to run for president by either a devil or a demon or something of that ilk! It’s a weird mixture of creepy occult stuff and hilarity. I love it.



Joe Golem Occult Detective #1

(W) Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden (A) Patric Reynolds (CA) David Palumbo

New York is full of water and has a canal system like Venice due to a flooding disaster of a few years back. In the water lurks something sinister that has been pulling orphaned children into the depths. It’s up to Joe Golem to figure out what is going on and how he can save the children of New York.



Saints #2

(W) Sean Lewis (A/CA) Ben Mackey

This is another comic that I don’t really understand yet, but I still really love! I’m mostly interested because the art is some sort of punk, Byzantine mashup. The main characters of this comic are reincarnated saints, but few of them seem very saintly on the outside. They keep getting signs from God in strange ways, like a talking painting. Like I said, I’m not really sure what’s going on here, but it has potential and I got really excited when I realized that the character who could heal throats was Saint Blaise. I spent a lot of odd childhood moments in church with a pair of candles crossed over my throat because of that guy’s feast day.


paper girls

Paper Girls #2

(W) Brian K. Vaughan (A/CA) Cliff Chang

I haven’t been able to read this issue yet, because Brian K. Vaughan is so awesome, he doesn’t need to give people access to review copies to sell his comics. But the first issue was good, so I’m sure this one will be too! There are young, delinquent papergirls and some creepy aliens. What could go wrong?