Hi.  I attended my first Wizard World Philadelphia this past weekend. I attended one day only, Friday I wanted to share my experience at this comic con. Disclosure, I attended as press.

The Most Expensive Comic Book I Saw

X-Men 1 CGC 2.0 for $4,200.



The Most Expensive Memorabilia I Saw

Harley Quinn statue for $1200.



The Celebrity I Was Looking Forward to Meeting

Ted Danson. However, he was scheduled to appear on Sunday. This Sunday was Father’s Day. I wanted to spend my time with my daughter instead.

The Artist (Comic) I was Looking Forward to Meeting

They weren’t there on Friday but will catch them next year, perhaps on a weekend.

Was There Any Haggling?

I heard some haggling between a buyer and a seller.

The Most Ridiculous Price I saw

Bronze Age Book: Amazing Spider-Man 316 for $100. You can get it for around $30-$40 elsewhere.


The comic book I wanted to buy

Detective Comics 359. Two dealers have 2 raw copies. There were very low grade and the price they were asking, I didn’t bother to negotiate. This book has potential. The writer, Christina Hodson, is penning the script for the Batgirl movie. Christina wrote the script for Bumblebee and Birds of Prey.






Dollar Bin Digging

Yes. I did look for some books to fill in some holes in my collection. However, one dealer has dollar bin boxes.  I asked him, are these alphabetized? He said no. I didn’t bother looking through them. I was thinking to myself, wouldn’t it be better if he put them in order so the buyer can find them quicker. I looked around and no one was looking at his dollar bin boxes. He lost some sales there.


There are plenty hotels within walking distance. I didn’t get a hotel.


I stay at parking garage next to the Pennsylvania Convention Center. It was $26 for parking.


They sell food inside but I ate an early lunch before going inside.

Best Cosplayer

Or maybe I should say the most popular cosplay. It will have to be Thanos. Everyone wanted a picture with him. Here we have a picture of a fan, Thanos, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man and Captain America.




Are there any free swag?

Yes. You can get your face on a comic book. You can get a picture with Avengers:  Endgame logo in the back. You can win a movie ticket which I won.  There are lots of others too!

What could some comic book dealers do better next year? 

There was one dealer who has the best collection of wall comic books in my opinion. The downfall is that he didn’t have any of the prices listed. There were a lot of books I was interested. I just asked him for 2 of the books because I didn’t want to keep bothering him by asking him how much is this? how much is that? I think buyers want to look at the prices when they look at the books. He should definitely put prices on them.


What Wizard World Could Do Better Next Year

I clicked on “Hotels and Travel”. What popped up was “Details Coming Soon!”. This was on Thursday, June 6, one week away from the con. Originally I was going to stay at one of the hotels Wizard Con suggested but I decided to drive 1 hour  45 minutes to get there and come back and sleep on my comfortable bed.

My Grade

9.8 out of 10


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